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Why Are Clean Drains Important?

Why Are Clean Drains Important?

Keeping your drains clean is a proactive measure that can assist in avoiding many plumbing problems and issues in the future. You will have peace of mind just knowing that the water in your home is flowing freely and cleanly.

Eliminate Back-Ups 
If you keep your drains clean and clear, you will avoid the major problem of drains backing up at the most inconvenient of times. By avoiding this, you also save money as wood flooring, carpet, drywall and surrounding areas and furniture will not have to be repaired or replaced after water damage and there will be no unexpected and expensive plumbing fees.

Minimize Pipe Replacement 
Pipes will not have to be replaced as often if they are kept clear and clean at all times. This type of plumbing repair is very costly and walls and flooring may need to be ripped up and even replaced and water supplies turned off for lengthy periods, resulting in great inconvenience to family members.

Eliminate Odors
Fumes and odors that can waft up from dirty drains can make your house smell old, musty and sometimes downright unpleasant. These odors can actually move within the pipes to the various areas of a house such as the basement, kitchen or bathrooms, which can be very embarrassing if friends or family are visiting.

Stop Bacteria Build-Up
Water may pool in invisible areas such as under counters or sinks, causing bacteria to build up. This may cause sickness in family members if left unchecked. Mold, mildew and fungus are all unwanted growths in any home and, immediately upon detection, should be examined and treated.

Detect Other Issues
When your drains begin to slow down and professionals are called to assess the problems, other issues may be found which, if left undetected, could cause serious damage and great expense in the future. Tree roots may find their way into your pipes and can be easily removed with specialized equipment used by drain maintenance professionals.

Regularly maintaining your drains can save homeowners stress and major expense over time. Periodically using the services of a drain maintenance service can keep your issues at bay and your plumbing system in proper running order at all times.

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