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Reasons Behind a Clogged Toilet

Reasons Behind a Clogged Toilet

Keeping drains free flowing should be a priority. Having floor leaks or toilet overflows can not only be messy, but costly as well. Many reasons can clog up a toilet bowl. Toilet bowls are only designed to flush regular toilet paper and no other items. People have a long history of using toilets to get rid of many objects other than toilet paper. When these objects are flushed they get caught up inside the bowl trap or the toilet flange. Objects caught in the trap or flange can create a sever toilet clog.

What If No Items Were Flushed?

If you just moved into a new home or apartment and know for certain that you have not flushed anything foreign; it could have been done by the previous tenants or owners. If plunging the toilet does not unclog it; then it is possible something stuck inside the toilet trap or could be blocking the toilet flange. Sometimes water levels may affect a toilet flushing properly. Check to make sure water levels in bowl and tank are at correct levels.

Top 10 Reasons For Toilet Clogs

These items are commonly flushed down toilets; causing them to clog:

Bathroom Wipes- The 'adult baby wipes' or moist towelette have become quite popular. These towelettes are often marketed as 'flushable' however; they have been causing clogs and sewer back-ups.

Condoms- The size of a condom may seem small and appear as though they will flush; but these latex contraceptives actually fill with air and end up floating on surface of septic tanks.

Cotton Balls- These often fool people due to their small size however; they don't break down in water. These cotton items will ball together in bends of the pipes and cause major blockages.

Paper Towels- Flushing paper towels can cause BIG problems due to their size and the fact that they do not break down.

Band-aids- Band-aids are not biodegradable and will cause clogs in the sewer system.

Dental Floss- Dental floss is another item that is not biodegradable. The floss will also wrap itself around other objects causing clogs.

Fat, Oils, Grease- These items should NEVER be flushed down a toilet. They are a liquid when hot, but as soon as they cool they congeal and become much like wax that will cause clogs.

Cat Litter- Cat litter is made of clay and sand; these are two items that should never be flushed.

Disposable Diapers- These diapers are made of toxic plastic designed to expand when it comes in contact with water. A disposable diaper if flushed will immediately clog in the u-bend.

Tampons- Tampons are made of a cotton-like material and will not break down. The tampon though may seem small, will clog toilets.

What To Do If My Toilet Clogs?

Calling a plumber may be the best way to unclog a serious problem with a clogged toilet. If you have tried plunging and this is not solving the problem, there may be a more serious problem that could involve removing the toilet bowl, to checking drainage system. These can be messy and could cause expensive damage if you are not completely sure of how plumbing works.

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