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How Can a Tankless Water Heater Help Improve the Value of Your Home?

How Can a Tankless Water Heater Help Improve the Value of Your Home?

undefinedA normal family of four only requires a water heater tank of 40 gallons. However, the average home has a water heater tank that is almost twice that size. Besides the air conditioner and the kitchen appliances, the water heater is the most costly energy usage appliance in your house. The purpose of a water heater is to provide hot water to your faucet or showerhead as soon as you turn the dial. Therefore, the water heater has to keep the water inside its tank hot all day long to be ready for you to turn the tap. This means that the water heater is working all day long to keep the water at the desired temperature. This is equivalent to boiling water on the stove all day every day. These old water heaters increase your electric bill as well as your water bill.

When you add a tankless water heater to your home, you decrease the cost of your electric and your water bills immediately. A tankless water heater takes the water that comes into your home, heats it as it runs through a heating element, and delivers it to the faucet when you turn on your tap. The tankless water heater eliminates the need to have a constant supply of water pouring into your water heater because of the water being loss by evaporation and eliminates the need to be constantly heating the water that comes in. This will reduce the cost of your electric and water bills by over 30%.

When you install a tankless water heater you will increase the value of your home. First, the value of your how will increase by not producing as much electric and water cost, thereby eliminating the need of a homebuyer to pay these bills. When a homebuyer can pay less on bills, the value of the home itself raises exponentially. Second, energy efficient items such as a tankless water heater is being encouraged by the federal government; therefore, the government is offering large tax credits to the home owner thereby reducing the taxes that the home owner is required to pay. Tax credits and lower bills increase the value of your home by about 20%.

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