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How to Rid Your Home of Hard Water

How to Rid Your Home of Hard Water

undefinedA water softener is a device which is usually fixed to your water supply at the point where it enters your home. Water softeners are not used for lawn and gardens, because softening water may actually harm the plants. These units are used for the water that you drink and wash with, which needs to be treated and cleaned in order to prevent solidification.

A typical water softener comes with a large tank that holds a special kind of salt used in the softening process. There are softeners that are available without the tank, but they are smaller in size, and function differently from the conventional salt water softener systems. Inside the softener, hard water is treated by removing unwanted minerals and replacing them with sodium. The system has a resin or mineral tank, as well as a brine tank. Your home's water supply is in contact with a control valve and a timer that sets off the resin tank. Water containing damaging minerals like calcium and magnesium flow into the resin tank, which is filled with negatively charged polystyrene beads. After a while, these beads get coated with minerals and the system needs to be recharged. The treated water is better for your health, dishes, clothes, and various appliances. The salt is used to charge up resin covering and filter the magnesium and calcium ions out of the water.

Salt-free water softener systems are different from the standard units, because they do not discard minerals from the water, but instead make sure that the minerals are acting appropriately. This is achieved through magnetic fields, electronic pulses, or chemical filtration, depending on the type of system.

Detecting the presence of minerals in water is a matter of a simple test. If the test shows the presence of a high level of water hardness, it is a good idea to have a water softener system installed, this will ensure that your plumbing and appliances are protected from damage caused by unwanted minerals.

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