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Drain Clog Prevention

Drain Clog Prevention

Most people never pay any attention to what is going down the drains in their houses. The houses plumbing system is given little thought until there is a problem. One common plumbing problem is the problem of clogged drains and sewer lines. Many people wonder why there drains keep getting clogs. The answer is simple: Drains get clogged up because of what is put down them. All sorts of things go down the drains in a house that were never intended to be placed in a house's drain system. There are many common examples of things that people flush down their drains that later cause problems, and because iof this it is highly important to always remember the necessary Drain Cleaning services.

Helpful Tips for Preventing Drain Clogs


People flush all kinds of things down their toilets that cause major problems later on. Excessive amounts of toilet paper will eventually clog up your sewer drain. Also, people flush a great many things down their toilets as if it were some kind of liquid disposal unit. This is a big mistake. Toilets and their related drain pipes were designed only to handle certain kinds if materials such as waste and a limited amount of specialized paper products. The water leaving the toilet is the only thing that can push these debris out of the sewer drain. Eventually, the debris build up to the point where the water can no longer penetrate through the resulting clog and starts to back up.

All sorts of things go down your drain in the course of every day living. Soap, grease and hair all go into your drains during every day use. All of these things will eventually accumulate and plug up your drain.

How Can I Prevent Drain Clogs

You can prevent drain clogs in a number of ways. The first thing that you can do is to realize the limitations of your draining system. start paying attention to what is going down your drains and toilets. Make sure that objects that you do not flush objects such as feminine hygiene products and excessively dense materials down your toilet. Also, remember to flush your toilet several times after heavy use to help clear out any debris before they can accumulate and cause a clog. Also make sure that you remove any hair and other obvious debris before they enter your drain.

Hire a Professional for Maintenance

Despite all of the normal precautions that you can take to keep your drains clear, you still need to hire a plumbing professional to keep your plumbing system working at its best. A professional plumber will perform regular drain, trap and sewer line cleanings that will ensure that your drains always flow like they should. Preventative professional drain cleanings prevent unexpected drain problems.

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