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What Are the Precautions to Take When Discovering a Leak in My Home?

What Are the Precautions to Take When Discovering a Leak in My Home?

Sometimes, it is easy to tell the source of a water leak. If the leak is a terrible gusher and your home is being seriously flooded, call the plumber immediately and shut off the main water source if you can get to it safely without encountering dangerous electrical contact. All plumbing leaks should be repaired sooner, rather than later, but the urgency depends on the seriousness of the leak, and whether or not you can stop the water from causing additional damage.

What You Should Do When You Have a Water Leak

Determine the Source of the Leak

If you know the source of the leak and can stop the water at the source, it is always best to prevent further damage and expensive water loss as soon as the leak is evident. Many places in the home that have running water also have a shutoff valve to stop the water supply. Toilets and sinks in the bathroom as well as the kitchen sink always have a shut-off valve which is usually easy to find. Under the sink and below the toilet tank, you will see a water supply pipe leading from the wall to the fixture. The pipe is usually curvy and made of flexible tubing with a handle to turn the water supply off or on. As with almost all faucets, turning to the right will turn the supply off, and turning to the left will turn the water supply on.

Before the Plumber Arrives

If the toilet or sink must be used before the plumber arrives, the water supply to the toilet can be turned on just to refill the tank after one use. Locate the drip under the kitchen or bathroom sink and put a pan under the drip to catch water as a stopgap measure.

Calling a Plumber is Always Smart

Leaks never go away without a proper repair. Some leaks call for a simple and inexpensive fix and others are more involved such as an underground leak that cannot be located. Certain underground leaks are only discovered because of an exceptionally high water bill. Property damaged by water can be very costly to repair. Moisture damage also causes mold and mildew that will make air toxic to breathe.

In many cases, plumbing repairs are performed before there is damage and the repair cost is limited to the plumber’s time and an inexpensive replacement part. Often, a plumber will have the correct part on his or her work truck and the repair can be completed in minutes.

The best option when a leak is discovered is to call a plumber.

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