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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

Hydro-jetting is the use of high power hose that will remove debris from clogged drains. Hydro-jetting is very safe and effective, and thus far it is the most effective form of drain cleaning. It is done by professional plumbing companies due to the high tech equipment. The most common areas that use hydro-jetting are, grease, roots and debris.

Hydro-jetting Grease

It is a natural process for drains to have grease buildup. When you think of all the things that go down the sewer line, there has to be some sort of grease buildup. Grease can cause a clog or blockage of the drain. This can be hazardous and cause damage. Hydro-jetting is unique in that the high pressure water cleans the entire interior of the drain while clearing the grease. Clearing grease regularly will prevent future clogs. This process should be done every 3 to 9 months as a preventative.

Hydro-jetting Roots

Hydro-jetting roots is very important to avoid permanent damage. Roots go through the sewer lines and pipes and add extreme pressure. This pressure will build up over time until it can't be moved anymore. The pipes then collapse and burst. This bursting causes hundreds of dollars in damages. The typical cleaning of lines with a cable just pokes a hole into the roots and clearing a small opening. This is just a temporary fix and does not prevent further damage. Hydro-jetting actually completely clears the roots from the pipes and lines. This is crucial to prevent further plumbing calls and headaches.

Hydro-jetting Debris

Think of all the things you flush down the toilet or put down the garbage disposal. Even though you no longer see it, all the debris has to go some place. It's easy to just flush it away and never think about it again. In reality, all of these things can create a buildup in your pipes and sewer lines. Typical cable plumbers will move the debris around and make way for new items. This is only temporary, the buildup with be a regular problem. hydro-jetting completely cleans the debris by applying extremely high-pressure water to flush out the lines completely. When using the hydro-jetting method, you really can flush and forget.

Hydro-jetting is more reliable than typical plumbing methods. Only trained professionals can properly use the hydro-jetting equipment.

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