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Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

Don't Let Marketing Fool You

Temecula PlumberDrains are always getting clogged up with all sorts of things like hair and other objects. Nobody wants to deal with an overflowing sink or shower, and many people resort to using a store-bought drain cleaner to avoid paying a professional. What many people don't know is that this could make the problem worse.

Using a drain cleaning solution may make matters worse by corroding your pipes, and even worse– may expose you and your family to serious health hazards. The amount of toxins used in drain cleaners may surprise some people, but its not that what makes it dangerous for use.

The two most important ingredients used in any drain cleaner is sulphuric acid and hydroxide, and according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, these two ingredients are two of the worst bad-for-your-health compounds.

Health Hazards

Simply by using any drain cleaner you risk touching or inhaling dangerous materials that will instantly act as poison to your body. If a drain cleaner is swallowed or simply tasted by accident, it can cause the stomach to be restless for weeks. The esophagus will be harmed and will need time to return to its normal functionality after getting rid of all traces of the poison. Knowing that it is so dangerous people still rely on drain cleaner for all of their unclogging duties although resorting to a drain cleaning company would prove to be a much better solution to any of your drain problems.

Skin contact with drain cleaner may cause the skin to burn off at the infected areas, and the burning won't stop until digs through a layer of the skin deep enough to cause permanent scarring. If it comes anywhere near the eye area then it will most definitely make a person go blind. The simply fact that you can suffer from all these diseases and horrifying disabilities from using such a thing makes it important not to even own one in your home if you have children or kids around that might decide to poke around and see what's in the bottle.

Other Dangers

Mixing the drain cleaner with any kind of chemicals that don't mix well will cause a huge explosion to take place, and no one knows exactly what kind of chemicals are in the drain which makes it very dangerous to use drain cleaner without risking a worse chemical reaction causing an explosion or another type of chemical reaction where the steel pipes melt off due to a combo of chemicals that shouldn't be in contact with one another.

Drain cleaner contains many dangerous chemicals besides the two main ones, and too much heat or cold may also have a tremendous chemical effect on what the drain cleaner will react when poured in a drain.

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