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5 Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

5 Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

Sign One: Water Spots on Walls and CeilingsMoney going down the drain

We advise that out customers use a flashlight to inspect hidden areas in a building to find leaks that are inside walls and ceilings. Small drips from degraded pipes eventually lead to water spots on drywall or wood surfaces. In order to see this damage, our customers require a flashlight to look under bathroom and kitchen sinks. Homeowners should also inspect along baseboards and on ceilings for spots that are caused by dripping water on upper floor levels.

Sign Two: High Utility Bills each Month

Customers experiencing higher than normal water bills each month should call one of our plumbers for professional leak detection services. We install measuring devices to determine if water is leaking in a hidden area when all faucets and valves are turned off. A water leak can occur in a building’s slab without anyone noticing for several months, causing significant damage.

Sign Three: Constant Mildew Odors

Strange mildew odors in your Temecula indicate there is a water leak somewhere between walls or ceilings. Insulation and building materials can absorb water before developing a bad smell that enters a venting system, leading to a foul smell throughout the structure. Don’t ignore the sign of a bad odor in a home because it might mean there is a water leak somewhere that will get worse.

Sign Four: Hearing Water Drips

When our customers tell us that they hear dripping noises inside a home or business, our Temecula plumbers know that there is a defective water pipe or connector inside a wall or ceiling because there are no broken faucets. If water is dripping from a pipe, then it is essential to have it repaired quickly before it bursts, leading to major damage. Our plumbers can remove a small section of drywall or paneling to reach a pipe that requires repair.

Sign Five: Seeing Mold Growth on Ceilings

It doesn’t take long for mold to begin growing on hidden surfaces between walls when there are water leaks. Mold spores require moisture and humidity to grow quickly on insulation layers and drywall. Because there is no air circulation or sunlight in hidden areas inside ceiling spaces and walls, mold will spread to enter other spaces, leading to fuzzy or slimy visible growth. When our plumbers can see mold on surface, we know that there is a water leak somewhere nearby.

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