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Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member's Lives

Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member's Lives

One thing many homeowners are not aware of is the potential for their drinking water supply to be Murrieta Plumbing Services compromised. One drop in pressure, and toxic water can back right up into the water supply and compromise the health of your family.

One way that many people are remedying this potential problem is by having the local plumbing company come out and do a backflow test on the plumbing system. Here are several reasons why backflow testing could save your family member's lives.

City Water Issues

There are a number of issues that could take place that will reduce the water pressure and put your drinking water at risk. Broken water mains or disruption of service at the water treatment facility could drop the water pressure to dangerous levels.

With little pressure moving water out of your home, contaminated water can easily make it back into the system and put your family at a serious risk. The backflow testing performed by a local professional is your best defense for protecting those you love.

Irrigation Problems and ConcernsMurrieta Plumbers

Placing lawn fertilizer and pesticides on the lawn each season could be another instance where the drinking water can be compromised. Leaking and damaged irrigation systems are susceptible to all those toxic chemicals accessing your drinking water supply.

Today RPZ vales are required in order to protect the water supply and your lawn irrigation system from ever coming in contact with one another. Your local plumbing repair company can perform the backflow test to ensure everything is in order and none of those deadly toxins that are in your soil and making their way into the water supply.

Small Leaking Pipes

Small leaks in the water pipes in your home have the potential to turn into large leaking pipes. As this happens, your water pressure begins to drop, allowing that contaminated water supply to come back instead of leaving the home.

This is something that you need to have checked and tested before a nightmare scenario takes place and your family is exposed to toxic water before they ever realize. The backflow testing performed by a skilled and professional plumbing repair company is your best defense from this dangerous and deadly situation happening to your family.

Backflow testing will give you and your family piece of mind knowing that no matter the outside circumstances, your drinking water supply will not be in jeopardy.

Want more information on back-flow testing in your Temecula area? Just call 24-7 Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (951) 338-9844, and take the proper precautions.


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