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3 Toilet Maintenance Challenges

3 Toilet Maintenance Challenges

Anytime you own a toilet you are going to run into some issues. Some of these issues are going to be simple to fix. Some of them are going to be a bit harder. The one reassuring thing is that you always have a plumbing company in Temecula that you can talk to.

Below is a list of the top issues that customers face with their toilets. Think of this as a small trouble shooting guide.

Look at your flusherCash in a toilet

You could have the first generation flusher and not even know it. The first generation flusher is the 1.6 gallon. Look at the manufacturing date. If it's between the dates of January 1994 through Mid 1997, there is no way around this. It's going to fail on you no matter what you do.

There could be hard water deposits being built up inside the drain. What you do is mix one part acid to 10 parts water. Use a funnel and pour. Pour half of the solution down the tunnel in the over-flow portion of the tank. Do not get it in the eyes. The smell is going to be strong. Turn on the fans.

After 30 minutes pour the remainder of the mixture into the tunnel. Let sit for another 30 minutes. Flush after. There should be a marked improvement. If not, then you might need to call your plumbing company.

The flapper

There might be a strong, but partial flush to the toilet. The issue is probably in the flapper. It might be waterlogged. The flapper should stay up until 80 percent of the water is down. If it's going down sooner you will need a new one.

You might have a double flusher

The issue is usually with the water level. It night be set way too high. Try adjusting the level. If this does not work, then give your Temecula plumber a call. He has the proper training to fix the issue properly.

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