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It's Time to Go Low-Flow

It's Time to Go Low-Flow

A Water Saving TechnologyLow-flow toilet

Traditional water outlets throughout the average house costs you more in possible savings than you might think. One such faucet, for instance, churns out 3 gallons of water every minute. There is a kind of technology that is both good for the environment and money-saving.

And in the face of increasing times of water shortages throughout the nation, it may prove to be the most socially sacrificial option. An estimated 260 billion gallons of water could be saved if every household in the country opted for this technology. This kind of technology is called low-flow.

How Low-Flow Saves

A low-flow faucet will churn out exactly what is needed at a rate of 1.5 gallons of water every minute. Going the low-flow route makes perfect sense financially. The method will conserve water and energy, thereby saving the customer a hefty sum per year on water bills.

Initially, having low-flow fixtures may seem daunting, but you will make up the difference in your water bill within just a few months. A household should at the very least consider getting low-flow showerheads since much of the time showers constitute the largest part of the bill.

In the end, it will save the customer much more money than trying to conserve water by traditional means such as turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Even doing so throughout the house to maximum efficiency will only end up saving you a little bit.

This may seem like something water utility facilities might discourage because they are losing a buck. Quite the contrary. You will find the a goodly portion of utility facilities—and many city governments, as well—not only encourage it, but even offer incentives for customers to have it done.

Low-Flow and the Future of AmericaRunning water faucet

Considering that water conservation may be in the best interests for our country, it is actually not that surprising that city governments are strongly encouraging the practice. These government establishments are leading by example.

Many of these city governments are opting to equip all of their toilets, faucets, and shows in all of their buildings with the most up-to-date low-flow technology. Pretty much across the board these institutions are happy with the change having saved an astronomical amount in just a few months.

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