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5 Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

5 Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

Murrieta Toilet ClogDealing with a clogged toilet can be a nightmare when you're a homeowner. Not only does a clogged toilet put a huge dent into your busy day, but it can cause an unsanitary situation for you and your family. Understanding the five common causes of toilet clogs and how to prevent them can help you with your bathroom issues.

1. Too Much Toilet Paper

When you use too much toilet paper and put this down the toilet all the time, it can easily cause a clog in the line. Even though toilet paper is made to break down in matter, a lot of it can cause dry spots that simply cannot break down themselves. The best way to prevent this issue is to avoid using too much toilet paper when using the restroom.

2. Putting Things Other Than Toilet Paper Down the Drain

A lot of people think that putting one or two things down the drain that isn't toilet paper won't do any harm, but it can cause a clog either right away or down the road. Things like plastic ear swabs, feminine products and heavy napkins or paper towels can all clog up the line. The way to prevent this is by disposing of these things in a garbage bin as opposed to your toilet bowl.

3. Having a Weak Flush

Older toilets tend to have weak flushes, meaning that they do not put enough water and force into the toilet bowl to force things down the drain. This can cause a clog because of the fact that things are not being forced down and out of the drain into the septic tank. The way to prevent this from happening is to have the toilet replaced with a newer model so that it works and flushes better.

4. Having an Issue with the Drain

Having a problem with the sewage drain itself can often cause the toilet to clog just because of the fact that anything you flush down the drain has no where to go. Generally, anything that flushes down the toilet should go into the septic tank but if there is a problem with the drain, this is not going to happen. A professional plumber will be able to check the drain for you and fix any issues if they are found there.Murrieta Plumber

5. Full Septic Tank

Another common problem is having a full septic tank that needs to be emptied. Septic tanks should be professionally emptied about every three or five years, and they can become overly full when they are not. This can cause backups into the home and prevent you from being able to flush the toilet properly. The way to get rid of this issue is by having the tank emptied by a professional company.

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