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The History of the Toilet

The History of the Toilet

Temecula PlumberWhat is the history behind one of America’s most common household fixtures? Well, by household fixtures, that would mean the flushing toilet.

Most living in this modern age have indoor toilets and more often than not, will need plumber’s care in the future. But looking back, there were three essential creators behind the flushing toilet system: They were John Harrington, who is 1596 came up with the unique concept of having the necessity of an indoor flushing toilet.

English Innovation

In 1778, Joseph Bramah, from Yorkshire, was the individual who created the practical water closet for England, And finally, George Jennings, who in 1852, patented the first “flush out toilet. But with these inventors recognized, what inspired them and what is it about the indoor toilet system that people of our modern age cannot live without? Is the toilet flushing systems one of the best inventions ever made?

Looking Back to Ancient Technology

To answer those questions, it is important to take a look back - way back. First of all, without the necessary plumbing and sanitation inside the home to help get rid of the human waste, our society would still be living in an age where bubonic plague, cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever were major illnesses, causing death in some cases. After looking at the birth and rebirth of the flush toilet, it can be officially said that the indoor toilet first showed up in Indus Valley, well over 4,000 years ago.

It just so came about that the Romans built latrines above drains carrying running water which is further discharged into fetid tiber. Even Queen Elizabeth I got quite embarrassed with the flushing toilet - built for her by her godson, John Harington - because she did not want to be identified as using the toilet and flushing the royal bowels.

In 1861, after the death of Prince Albert from Typhoid, Britain installed both piped water and sewage treatment. In the 1870s, Queen Victoria’s son Prince Edward came close to dying of typhoid as well and as a result, flushing toilets started coming up across all of Britain. Then, the rage of flushing toilets spread to Europe and France.

The Modern ToiletTemecula Toilet Repair

The modern lavatory was developed first by Alexander Cummings in 1775. Myth would say that Thomas Crapper, whose name alone embellishes many Victorian Lavatory bowls, was the first, but it was really Cummings, a noted watchmaker. Crapper’s workshop made toilets in Chelsea, but these were based on a design patented in 1819 by Albert Giblin. Not much has changed since that time.

Today, depending on where you live, pressing a handle or pulling a chain opens the water valve in a cistern, helping gush water into the bowl. The shape of the toilet bowl helps keep the stench at bay, while the waste is siphoned off. After the toilet has been emptied, a ballcock that floats closes the valve and the tank refills. The valve system on the toilet has been tweaked over the years, simplifying the system and reducing the water that is needed.

The flushing toilet system has not reached everyone in the world just yet, but it has already helped millions of people with a great service!

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