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Why Are There Water Stains on Your Tub and Tile?

Why Are There Water Stains on Your Tub and Tile?

undefinedBefore water enters your home, it is treated at municipal water treatment facilities to ensure it is of the highest quality. Even though the water is perfectly fine for drinking, cooking, or bathing, microscopic mineral deposits are present in the water.

When that water sits in the hot water heater tank in your home, it reacts with the inside of the metal tank, and discoloring to the water can occur. It is that water when it comes from the tub or the shower that leads to those unsightly stains. All is not lost however, there are ways to reduce the chances of stains returning.

What's the Cause of the Stains?

Inside the hot water heater tank in your home are dozens upon dozens of gallons of steaming hot water simply waiting for you to use the hot water. That water must stay in the tank for long periods of time, and as the water heater ages, the inside of the tank and that hot water can react causing the water to turn a brownish color.

The older the tank, or the length of time between flushing the tank, can all be reasons for the staining to occur.

Can Anything Be Done to Prevent Stains?

The easiest way to reduce those sediments trapped inside the water heater is to flush that tank. While this can be a simple process if you have done it before, it might be a little daunting to a first-timer.

Simple fix, call your local plumbing repair company and ask them if they can flush and inspect your hot water heater tank for you. This way you will have the cleanest possible water, and these professionals can quickly identify if anything serious is wrong with your tank and needs replacing.

How Can You Remove Them?

Now that the tank issue has been addressed, it is time to remove those stains on the tub and the tiles. The best way to remove them without scratching or damaging the surface is using a clean sponge and a non-abrasive cleaning solution.

To ensure that your cleaning solution has no harsh chemicals, consider using straight vinegar. It is effective at breaking down the components of hard water and will do absolutely no damage to the surfaces. Once you clean the surface, the problem should have been taken care of and you can go back to your normal bathroom cleaning routine.

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