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Hydrojetting Basics

Hydrojetting Basics

undefinedHydrojetting is a process that involves cleaning out the pipes and sewer lines of a structure's plumbing system using water that is blasted through the system at very high pressures. This technique is a good way to quickly remove clogs and to give a plumbing system a thorough clean that will promote prevent malfunctions. Water that is blasted into the pipes during hydrojetting reaches pressures of around 4,000 psi.

The Advantages of Hydrojetting

  • Saving money- Homeowners who rely on the hydrojetting process to get their plumbing system clean may notice that maintenance needs diminish after hydrojetting. Hydrojetting will get pipes and sewer lines in a better condition overall, and this will make it so that their system needs little maintenance.
  • Versatility of the process- Through other methods for cleaning out pipes and sewer lines, it's not always easy to pinpoint a clog. Hydrojetting uses easily maneuverable equipment that can directly target a problematic clog.
  • Effectiveness- Not only is hydrojetting equipment maneuverable, but it also very effective thanks to the amount of force created by the high pressures it exerts on built-up debris.
  • Variety of debris cleaned- Many different materials cause clogs in a plumbing system. For example, ice, mud, grease, tree roots, and soap can all cause problems. Hydrojetting can effectively remove all of these materials and more.
  • Bacteria control- Bacterial buildup in pipes and sewer lines is both a health bazar and a nuisance. Hydrojetting will help to blast bacterial buildup out of the system.

How the Process Works

The plumber performing hydrojetting will first do a brief inspection of the system to try and locate where clogs are the most troublesome. If tree roots seem to be invading sewer lines, the plumber might also use a mechanical drain snake to tear away at the roots in preparation for hydrojetting. Next, a nozzle and hose will be hooked up to the system via a cleanout before water is blasted through the pipes and sewer lines. Hydrojetting will usually continue until all of the clogs are out and water is freely flowing through the system.

If you suspect a build-up in your lines, don't hesitate to schedule hydrojetting services. Call (951) 338-9844and let 24-7 Plumbing and Drain clear the pipes of your Temecula area home.


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