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5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

Almost everyone experiencesplumbing problems from time to time. There are lots of myths, however, surrounding plumbing and how to keep things running smoothly. The following are 5 plumbing myths debunked.

1. Running Water While Using the Disposal Will Remove Waste More Quickly

While it seems to make sense, most plumbing professionals will tell you that this has little effect on moving items more quickly through the pipes. This technique will often just waste water. Running water after food has already built up will not necessarily clean it out, and may even cause clogs.

2. The Drain is Working Smoothly If Everything Is Going Down

Major blocks don't always happen all at once. Foods such as pasta can bloat and expand when water is run through the pipes. So many items besides food can stick to the pipes and eventually cause a major clog. Kitchen grease and oil in certain soaps can also cause buildup. Hair is a major cause of clogs in bathroom pipes. As convenient as a garbage disposal is, not everything can safely be put in it.

3. It's Normal For a Faucet to Drip

Some people may become so accustomed to a dripping faucet that it goes on long enough to cause a major problem. For starters, a dripping faucet will ultimately cost homeowners more on their water bills. It's estimated that a leaky faucet can waste as much as 2000 gallons of water each year and cost a homeowner as much as $200. A constant drip could also mean there are damaged parts or a problem with the water pressure.

4. Low Water Pressure is Not a Problem

A lot of homeowners may think that having low water pressure is an inevitable problem. Low pressure, however, could be a sign of more serious issues. Sometimes it means a leak has occurred somewhere. Other causes of low water pressure could be due to clogs or corrosion buildup somewhere along the pipes.

5. It's Okay to Clean Plumbing Fixtures With Hand Soap

Not only does hand soap not clean fixtures properly, but it may even damage some types. This is especially true for brass fixtures which can be damaged rather easily. There are specialty cleaners that are made for specific types of fixtures to keep them clean and looking new.

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