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Ten Ways To Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

Ten Ways To Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

Temecula Bathroom Remodeling The key to beautiful bathroom decor does not lie in the size of the bathroom. It is deeply rooted in the way a bathroom is organized. There are ten simple ways that you can use to make your bathroom not only a beautiful but also a comfortable and relaxing place.

It should be noted that these processes need not be carried out all at once but on a one by one basis to allow a bathroom accommodate change:

Light and Color

1. Avoid covering your bathroom windows. Let natural light filter in your bathroom and make it bright and beautiful.

2. Use bright paints in your bathroom. Dull paints make your bathroom appear gloomy and congested. You may also incorporate a portion of another lively color. If your bathroom is white, paint a small part with a jaunty red color. If the idea of painting another color appears odd to you, you may use a wallpaper

3. use bright light in your bathroom. Bathrooms with the yellow light appear dim and uncomfortable. A bright light reflects well on bright walls and tiles and makes the bathroom beautiful.

Decorative Accessories

4. Use an appropriate shower curtain. Use a curtain whose color blends well with the color of your bathroom walls. A white flower-patterned curtain is advised. The flowers should have a color similar to that of your bathroom or another bright color.

5. Decorate your mirror frame. A decorated mirror frame is a key to a beautiful bathroom. To make your bathroom appear larger, install a larger mirror. A large mirror reflects more light in your bathroom and enhances it's beauty.

6. Use a sculpture. A sculpture helps draw visual attention to a specific point. It also makes your bathroom have the feeling of a Spa which makes you feel relaxed. The sculpture should be art full and decorative.

Clear Up Clutter

7. Organize using shelves. Shelves are at the heart of a beautiful bathroom. Make sure the shelves are above your head level. Do not fold towels but roll them when storing.Temecula Plumber

8.Do away with excess furniture and toiletries. Remove decorative furniture and empty bottles. This creates more space which is a main cause of bathroom beauty

9. Use a magnetic strip to keep your bobby pins. This not only organizes the bathroom but also makes it stylish and beautiful.

10. Include artwork. This may include use of pictures and art full decoration of most bathroom items such as vases.

Your Temecula home deserves a beautiful bathroom. Call 24-7 Plumbing and Drain at (951) 338-9844 for a remodel you can be proud of!


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