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Why Is Your Water Discolored?

Why Is Your Water Discolored?

Discolored water is unsightly, but it may not be unsafe or unhealthy. There are several reasons why the water of your Temecula home may take on a specific color. Here are some most common tinges your water might take on and possible reasons for them.

Orange, brown, red or yellow waterCup of water

If your water has a rusty tinge to it that's a shade of orange, brown or a similar color, you likely may have some corrosion somewhere in your system. It could be coming from your metal pipes or from a metal water main. If it's happening only when the hot water is on, the problem could be coming from your water heater.

Though water this color is very unsightly, it is not a health hazard, so you can drink it and bathe in it. You should not wash clothes with it, however, because it can leave stains, especially on lighter-colored clothing.

Blue or green water

If your water takes on a blue or green tinge, the cause is likely from corrosion in your copper pipes. The copper sloughing off from the pipes can be a health threat, so if you are experiencing this, you should call a plumber to take a look. If your water is a lot more green than it is blue, it could be due to algae in the water system. This usually is harmless, but you should check with your water provider just in case.

Cloudy or milky water

When your water takes on a cloudy or milky look, the likely culprit is air bubbles. Water has air bubbles in it all the time, but they tend to become more plentiful when the water is cold. If you leave it sit for awhile, the bubbles should disappear completely.

This is completely normal and is not anything to worry about. If your water appears cloudy even without the bubbles, it could be laden with minerals, something that can be alleviated by installing a water softener.

Water that is an odd color can be off-putting but usually isn't a risk to your health. However, it's a good idea to have the source of the color investigated, either by a Temecula plumber or your water supplier.

If your water is discolored in your Temecula, CA home, call 24-7 Plumbing and Drain Cleaning at (951) 338-9844 today, and we'll solve the problem for you!


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