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Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Most people have issues with their home plumbing systems year round, but the colder months come Family with socks with their own myriad of temperature-related challenges. Winter can be a stressful time if homeowners don't properly prepare their plumbing systems for the sudden decrease in temperature.

In order to avoid expensive plumbing repair charges, homeowners should get a head start on scheduling a maintenance visit from their local plumber in the fall. Here are five things a plumber will check a home for during a maintenance visit.

Inspect the Home's Sprinkler System

It might not occur to a lot of people to check their sprinkler system before winter since they most likely only use it in the summer. However, having the sprinkler system checked can save a homeowner the inconvenience of a pipe bursting. Any residual water that accumulates in the system will freeze the second the temperature drops, which can permanently damage the pipes.

Inspect Pipes For Leaks

A leaking pipe may seem like just a minor nuisance, but that minor nuisance can quickly become a considerable problem. A leaking pipe during the winter months can freeze over quickly, which can cause the pipe to burst. Once a pipe bursts, the nearby rooms will subsequently become permeated with water. This will then require expensive plumbing intervention in addition to property damage repair costs.

Add Insulation to Pipes

Adding insulation material to pipes provides further protection to the plumbing system. The material itself is relatively affordable and can be installed in a short amount of time. There are different kinds of insulation, so the plumber will know which kind to install based on the plumbing system.

Check the Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers, like air conditioners, are rarely used during the winter. Like with sprinkler systems, water can accumulate inside of the cooler. Since the cooler isn't being used, that water has nowhere to go and will freeze when the temperature gets too low. A plumber can drain the water from the cooler and prevent any more water from accumulating.

Offer Tips

In addition to knowing how to repair pipes and plumbing systems, plumbers are trained to know how to care for plumbing systems and how to prevent unnecessary damage. During a maintenance visit, they can offer numerous useful tips to the residents on how they can properly care for their plumbing system.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your Temecula home, call 24-7 Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (951) 338-9844 today.


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