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Why is Annual Maintenance on your Water Heater Important?

Why is Annual Maintenance on your Water Heater Important?

Did you know that your water heater needs maintenance at least once per year? Very few people Plumbing Tech understand the importance of maintaining their water heater. However, for it to run efficiently, there are a few simple procedures that need to be performed.

When the water is pumped into your tank through the city or county’s water supply, it leaves behind a trail of dirt and sediment.

What is Sediment?

Sediment looks like rust, but it is very heavy. It is a combination of various minerals that over time form and solidify into a rock solid substance. These various minerals will settle on the bottom of the tank and begin to form a build-up. If the water’s quality is really bad, these extras can build up rather quickly on the bottom of the tank.

This can rob the tank’s overall efficiency rating over time. The goal is to drain the sediment before it becomes like stone. Once the build-up has turned to stone, the water heater can be ruined. As the sediment continues to rise, it will reach the upper levels where the heating elements are.

Why You Must Check Your Water Heater

If you don’t check your Temecula water heater periodically, you could be costing yourself a great deal of money. The water heater works harder when there is sediment in the tank. The tank itself can begin to rust and it will slowly eat away at the actual base.

These units must be replaced, as they will leak and the water will be unfit for human consumption. The fact is an untimely replacement of a water heater is preventable. If you are not sure how to flush and fill your tank, a plumber can help you with this routine chore.

The Cleaning Process

All it takes is a bit of time to accomplish this task. First, the tank must be emptied and all the water inside must be drained out. This will automatically remove a great deal of sediment with it. The water source to the heater must be turned off to allow the tank to be totally emptied.

The water is very hot inside these tanks, so using a professional service is advised. The water should be dirty that comes out at first, which is the whole reason why your draining it in the first place. After the water is drained, refill the tank with about 2-4 more gallons of water and flush it again. This process is repeated until no more sediment comes out.

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