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3 Common Home Disasters To Look Out For This Fall

3 Common Home Disasters To Look Out For This Fall

Plumbing problems can rear their heads at any time of the year. Some issues, however, are much Family of four more common during the colder months. With lower temperatures, greater demand on home appliances and a significantly increased likelihood of freezing, plumbing systems and their various components should be inspected and repaired long before outside temperatures start to drop.

Water Heater Problems

Various forms of home equipment will have to work a lot harder during the cold weather season. This is definitely the case with hot water heaters, particularly in large households with high demands for warm water. Water heater malfunctions can be devastating given the amount of water damage that can occur as the result of these events.

The best way to prevent problems like these is by having your water heated inspected by a reputable plumbing company before fall arrives. Water heaters that are five years old or older and have never had their pressure relief valves inspected should be tested by a local plumber right away.

Sump Pump Malfunctions And Flooded Basements

If you rely on a sump pump to keep the lowest level of your property dry, fall is the perfect time to have this unit inspected. Colder temperatures can actually cause sump pumps to freeze over and stop working.

Both the sump pump and pit should be inspected and cleaned before the weather turns frosty. Moreover, if you've had freezing issues in the past, it may be best to have a backup pump installed. When considering the long-term problems that moisture damages in low-lying areas can cause and the related clean-up fees, a backup sump pump in a high-risk, flood environment is an investment that will invariably pay for itself.

Clogged Rooftop Drainage Systems And Indoor Leaks And Floods

Depending upon the magnitude of a leak or flood, clogged rooftop drainage systems can be catastrophic. Wet, organic debris can collect in gutters and downspouts throughout the months of fall that inhibit the natural flow of water from elevated surfaces.

This can lead to ceiling and siding damage, basement flooding, foundation issues and pooling water in the home. It can also diminish the integrity of the roofing substrate. The best way to protect your home investment from problems like these is to have your rooftop drainage system professionally inspected and cleaned during fall and before the rain season hits.

Knowing about potential problems in your Temecula home is important. Call 24-7 Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for more!


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