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What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

Hard water contains a large amount of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Hard water in not Water Treatment harmful to a person’s life and in some ways in may even be beneficial. Hard water contains minerals that will reduce toxic lead and copper. Hard water may damage appliances and pipes. Soft water is water that has been treated and only contains sodium. Rainwater is naturally soft water.

Identifying Hard and Soft Water

The easiest way to tell if you have hard or soft water is to look at the suds that form when using water. Hard water will have a lot less suds compared to soft water. Hard water will also leave a scum around the sink or tub and create scaling on the shower and other plumbing fixtures.

Scales show up as a white power substance because of the magnesium and calcium in hard water. Swimming pools may end up with a milky or cloudy look to the water. Hard water can also damage boilers by reducing the flow of heat which may end up overheating your boiler.

Soft water will not leave your plumbing fixtures with scum or your pools looking murky. Soft water will not create clogs in your plumbing lines.

Effects on Hair and Skin

After washing your hair in hard water, it can look dull and feel sticky. Hard water can also increase eczema in children and adults. Eczema is caused by the minerals in hard water drying out the scalp and skin. Hard water will make a perm go limp faster and hair dyes to fade. Soft water will end up leaving your freshly washed hair feeling oily and unclean. Soft water will also take away the volume in your hair.

Drinking water

Your drinking water if hard, is not dangerous, but many people can taste the difference between hard and soft drinking water. Hard drinking water contains minerals that can make the water taste a litter bitter. Soft water is pure water but can give off a mild salty taste.

Appliances Work More Efficiently

Household chores, like washing clothes and dishes will be performed more efficiently with soft water. Soap will lather up better and get you clothes cleaner and leave your glasses sparkling. Clothes and skin are left softer, and the shower curtain will not have scum on it to be cleaned. With hard water your appliances need to work harder, which will shorten the life span of your appliances.

Knowing about the water in your Temecula home is important. Call 24-7 Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (951) 338-9844 to learn more about treatment options!


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