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The Latest Toilet Technologies

The Latest Toilet Technologies

Self CleaningElectric Toilet

For those who hate to clean a toilet bowl, a self-cleaning toilet sounds like a miracle. There are now self-cleaning toilets that can help to clean the toilet well enough to where no human hands ever have to go into the toilet to clean it, even if it means using a toilet bowl cleaner.

These types of toilets won’t even need the tablets that help to keep the toilet clean because some of them will clean the toilet after every single flush as opposed to cleaning it ever so often. The typical Murrieta household will clean a toilet every couple weeks, but a good self-cleaning toilet may clean the toilet after every flush, which keeps the toilet clean enough to where a person never has to clean it themselves.

These toilets are definitely going to be costly, but the cost may be worth it because of the fact that the toilet is likely to never need cleaning. The fact that the toilet won’t need cleaning also means that the household can save money on chemical cleaners for the toilet.


Some toilet seats now have the technology to have a dryer inside of it to dry off the private areas of the person who is using the toilet. Dryers are only incorporated in toilets that are similar to a bidet and cleans off the person using clean water that comes from a certain part of the toilet.

Bidets are something that was highly used in places like Europe, but many other cultures began catching on and using the product. A good bidet is similar to a toilet, but a person would sit on it in order to have their privates cleaned with water after using the bathroom, which would allow the person to get clean without having to get into the bath or a shower. Toilets with the dryers are more than likely going to have the washing and cleaning mechanism, similar to a bidet.

Button To Raise Seat

There are already automatic toilet lids that can open via a sensor, but now there are also buttons to raise the seat as well, which means that it’s no longer necessary to touch a germy toilet seat. This is great technology for men who are always having to raise the seat but may forget to lower it. Even if the button simply raises the seat, it makes it more convenient lessens the likelihood of passing on germs.

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