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Get A Professional Plumber To Inspect Your Dream Home

Get A Professional Plumber To Inspect Your Dream Home

It is always an exciting time for you and your family when you choose to buy a new home. Indeed, it Home for sale is a moment that you should enjoy and deserve. Before purchasing a home, however, we suggest that you look for look for a certified plumber to check every aspect of your future home.

It is also important that you go around yourself and test the condition of the plumbing system and ensure everything in your prospective home is working appropriately.

Important to note also when you are inspecting your potential home is that you should always do a thorough inspection of the plumbing system in the entire house.

We recommend you seek a professional to do the work. You should never overlook plumbing inspection or plumbing problems as they may later cause flooding or leaks as time passes.

It is everyone's dream to live in a comfortable place that does not pose any risk to themselves or their family. Another problem that poor plumbing is that it will cost you money from repairs that can be up to thousands of dollars in repair.

Recent Situation with a Customer

Recently I encountered a case where a woman and her husband had purchased a home three weeks earlier. Then, after trying to run the washing machine and dishwasher their whole basement flooded. You can always avoid such problems by being thorough with your plumbing when purchasing a home.

Apart from the repair cost they also had additional problems with the seller when they tried to recover the cost that they had used for plumbing. Trying to recover plumbing cost from the seller after purchase is practically impossible since you have to prove that the problem was there before the purchase and the seller knew about it.

When faced with such a problem you can always have a plumber determine when the damage occurred to see if the seller will pay for the damage. But as any professional will advise you always check your plumbing before purchase.

There are several plumbing tips that you can always use to determine how long your plumbing is likely to function correctly after you have bought your dream home. These included:

Locate The Water Meter Checking for hot water

It is important that you know where your water meter is located. The significance of this is to check the water valve to ensure the water supply is in good condition.

Also significant is to know whether the house you plan to purchase uses well water. If it does shut down the valve that is located inside the home, then check to see if there will be any water running from all the taps.

Check to See If There Are Any Lead Pipes

Any presence of lead in your home is dangerous and hazardous to your health. Most homes that were built before 1998 will most likely have galvanized plumbing or lead. This is essential to know when you are looking for your potential home and especially if you plan to live in the house with your kids.

Check the Water Heater

The size of the of the water heater tank is important as it will provide water for your whole family and thus you should make sure that it will comfortably supply water to the entire family. A 40-gallon tank can serve a family of four. You should also know the location of the water heater, its condition and how old it is.

Also, make sure you check the presence of mineral deposit in the tank. This can save you a lot of costs later with cleaning, replacing, repairs or even shortage of water since the deposit settles at the bottom of the tank reducing the amount of water a tank can hold. You should also ensure the water heater is not corroded or old if that's the case request it to be replaced with a new one before the purchase.

Waste System Within Your Home

You should find out how the sewage system of your new home works. Find out whether the waste goes to the municipal sewer or a septic tank.

If it goes to a septic tank determine the location of the septic tank and when it was last serviced. If there are any leakages or bad smells you should know that the tank is not in good condition. Therefore, you should demand that the septic is fixed before you sign any contract.

Freeze Pipes

Freeze pipe can be a headache to any home owner especially if you just purchased the home. Freeze pipes can cause pipes to break, leak or block water thus interfering with the flow of water. You should look for a home that all the vents can be closed when it is too cold. You should also have the pipes wrapped before purchasing the home.

Bathroom Basics in Your Home

Dual flush toiletBefore you purchase your dream home make sure that the faucets are working, the shower operates sufficiently and the toilet flushes properly. Essential also to check the condition of the toilet bowl and sink to ensure they are installed correctly.

Make sure your bathroom has no visible discoloration anywhere, and the surface is not spongy if present knows that there are leaks and make them repair.

Any signs of leaks in your potential home should not be ignored, and it is important to have the seller fix any obvious or possible problem before the contract is signed. This is crucial as it saves you any additional cost after you purchase your home. If the plumbing issues are rectified on time, you can be sure that that you are moving into a safe and secure environment.

You can always call 24-7 Plumbing and Drain on this number (951) 338-9844. We are located and servicing the Murrieta, CA area for professional assistance. We have qualified professional plumbers that will ensure you and your family are purchasing a secure home.


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