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3 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

3 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Whether you are the proud owner of your first home, or whether you have dwelt in your home for Sewage Cartoon many years, one thing is certain, sooner or later your sewer line is going to need replacing or, at the very least, some serious repair work. Like every other component of a home, sewer lines will wear out after many long years of service.

If the sewer line in your Murrieta, CA home is showing signs of needing repair, it's time to address the issue in a prompt and decisive fashion before the problem gets out of hand and causes serious and costly damage to your home and surrounding property.

What Are Some Common Signs That Your Sewer Line Needs Repair?

There are a number of common signs that your sewer line is in immediate need of repair. Some of the most frequent of the signs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Continuing fluctuation of the water level in your toilet
  • Water in your sink and bathtub taking too long to drain, or not draining at all
  • Foul smells permeating your home or back yard
  • Odd sounds coming from the pipes in your home
  • Marshy patches in your back yard that never seem to dry up
  • Some of the above listed issues, or additional issues, all seeming to occur at once
  • Inconsistent Water Level In Your Toilet

Of all the tell tale signs listed above, one of the most common is the discovery of inconsistent levels of water in your toilet. If this issue occurs on multiple occasions over an extended period of time, it's a sure sign that your sewer system is in need of an immediate inspection and possible repair work.

If you notice that, when you flush the toilet, the water takes a long time to return to its normal level, or sometimes disappears altogether, only to suddenly reappear at odd intervals, this is a definite sign that something is wrong. If odd smells or sounds come from your toilet at all hours of the day or night, this is another tell tale sign that some repair work is necessary.

Soggy, Marshy Patches in Your Back Yard

You may be beginning to notice soggy, marshy patches in your back yard. At first, you may think this is due to rain water collecting in places where the elevation is lower.

If the problem does not resolve itself even after you have made an effort to raise the area in order to provide proper drainage for rain water, then it will be immediately apparent that the source of the problem lies elsewhere.

The marshy areas will most likely be easy to spot, as they will be unnaturally raised just where the pipes for your sewer system are laid. There may be foul smelling odors or odd, loud sounds emanating from the area as well. If this the case, it's an excellent idea to seek out the services of a professional sewer repair service.

Water in Your Sink or Bathtub is Taking Too Long to DrainSewage Repair

Another common problem associated with a faulty or failing sewer system is water in your sink or bathtub taking too long to drain (or refusing to drain altogether).

Not only is standing water in your home a serious risk for injuries, but it can also be a stimulant to the growth of bacteria and other harmful elements. You should also be on the watch for water that, after having disappeared, suddenly comes back up the drain.

In many cases, using commercial drain cleaners not only won't solve the problem, but could actually make it even worse. This is because these liquid drain cleaners contain harsh and corrosive chemicals that are designed to break up obstructions in your pipes. But if your pipes are already corroded or weak, the chemicals in the cleaner you are using could cause them to further weaken and possibly burst.

Multiple Problems Occurring All At Once

Of course, the ultimate sign of a serious problem with your Murrieta city sewer system is a number of problems occurring all at the same time. For example, you could be experiencing loud and unpleasant sounds, horrible odors, water leaking out from the toilet or refusing to drain from the sink, and a continuing sogginess that seems to spread all throughout your backyard.

If you are experiencing this many problems at once, it's definitely an excellent idea to call a professional sewer line repair company, as continuing neglect of these issues could very quickly lead to serious and extremely expensive damage to your home and adjoining property.

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