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Why Saving Water for Summer Months is Key

Why Saving Water for Summer Months is Key

Water Used in the Summer

Many look towards the summer with anticipation because that’s when they plan on doing a lot of water sports or water activities. Some will drive to a waterpark to enjoy themselves while others will stay at home. Those who can afford a swimming pool or other types of water activities in their home will enjoy them, but this is going to take up a lot of water, especially if the summer is unusually hot in certain locations.

Those who know they’ll be using a lot of water when summer rolls around will have to make some adjustments on their water usage throughout the year, especially if they’re wasting water regularly. Anytime water goes down the drain it becomes a waste, especially since almost all water can be used for something, even if it was previously used to clean something else.

If you can find ways to save up on your water usage, not only will you stop the water waste but you will also be implementing water conservation in your home. If you’re going to use more water in the summer, then start saving water now, so your water bill won’t be high all the time.

Some don’t realize how they’re wasting water in their home, but if they sit and examine their water usage, they’ll quickly see that they’ve been wasting water for a long time. Here are some ways that water is being lost, and you can stop the water waste once you identify how you're misusing water, so you can start saving more water.

Running Water- Everyone is guilty of running water at one point or another, whether it’s while brushing their teeth, washing vegetables, cleaning the dishes, washing their hair, or doing other activities. Anytime the water is running, it’s possible that a gallon or more is lost in less than a minute, which means you’re wasting several gallons of water within a short period of time.

You can easily save on water usage if you simply plug up the sink or tub that is receiving the water, and use the water as necessary. Don’t allow the water to run if it doesn’t have to because this is an enormous waste of water and can quickly add up to hundreds or thousands of gallons within a single month, depending on usage.

Flushing too Much- It’s understandable that you have to flush the toilet in the bathroom, but what World Water Conservation about when you flush trash down the toilet or flush things that can be thrown in the garbage?

Many people are flushing the toilets when it’s not necessary, and flushing waste is not only bad for the plumbing but also for the toilet and your water bill. Don’t flush anything down the toilet unless it’s human waste or toilet paper, and avoid excessive flushing if it’s possible.

Using the Washer- The washer is a great appliance for any home because it means you no longer have to wash clothes by hand, but you can waste a lot of water in the washer if you’re not washing your clothes the right way. If your load only comes up to halfway in the washer, then only fill it halfway with water, not to the top. When you waste extra water to wash clothes that will wash just fine when it has less water, then you’re only wasting several gallons of water unnecessarily.

Leaky Faucets and Pipes- Another big waste of water is leaky faucets and pipes, even though it’s Rain Barrel Collection System also possible to have a leaky water heater.

Any leaks that may be in a home are costing you on your water bill and allowing your water usage to go up, even though the water is not being used to clean, cook, bathe, or for washing purposes. Get all leaks fixed as soon as possible because they can cost you a lot of money.

Refilling a Pool- Some homes may have built an in ground pool in anticipation for the summer and are planning on filling it up, but other homes may have a pool that they fill and empty every year.

Refilling a pool takes an incredible amount of water, which can be hundreds of gallons, and dumping the water to refill it the next year is incredibly wasteful. Get a cover for the pool to keep the water clean throughout the year, instead of having to refill it every year, which takes up more water than is needed in your home.

Running the Sprinklers- Those who can’t afford a pool can still find ways to cool off, such as running the sprinklers, but this can waste a lot of water as well. If you want water conservation in your home, then don’t run the sprinklers when it’s too hot.

When the sprinklers are running, make sure it’s over the grass so that the grass can get watered at the same time. Move the sprinklers around as necessary, and try not to run the sprinklers longer than an hour, which is already a substantial amount of time.

Prepare for the Summer Fun

You’re already starting to prepare for summer, but don’t just buy the bathing suits and pool toys, consider your water usage as well by cutting back now. You can do a lot of things to save more water in your home, such as showering for less than five minutes, not taking any baths, watering the lawn when it’s cool out, reusing water when it’s possible, and using your dishwasher more often than washing dishes in the sink.

It's important to get a plumber to fix all the leaks around your home, including leaks that are coming from the toilet. Any toilet leaks can lead to substantial water waste, and leaking pipes can also be very problematic as well.

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