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Tips for Summertime Fun Without Wasting Water

Tips for Summertime Fun Without Wasting Water

Your water needs increase in the summertime, whether because you are tending to your lawn andEarth in hand garden or simply from trying to stay cool.

As your needs increase, you should be even more vigilant about your water use. There is a global water scarcity, and every little bit counts when it comes to water conservation.

Here are some easy to follow tips on how to conserve water, stay cool and have fun this summer.

Conservation Suggestions

WaterConserving water is all about your mindset. You’ve just got to commit to conservation. This summer, reduce your water use in other areas of your household so that your extra water use on your lawn won’t have as big an impact.

Turn the tap off when washing hands or brushing your teeth. Don’t run water to wash produce or thaw frozen meat and seafood.

Collect water in a bucket while you are waiting for the shower to heat up. You can actually use that water to flush your toilet (or reduce the amount of water that you need to flush your toilet).

Fun Outdoor ActivitiesKids having fun

There are endless ways to keep cool outdoors this summer. Freeze tiny toys and treasures in ice cube trays. Have your kids hold the ice cubes in their hands to melt the ice and reveal a prize!

Declare war in your neighborhood with water balloons, water guns, and soaked sponges.

You can even make your own waterslide with a tarp, a hose and a thin layer of shampoo. Make a water balloon piñata and get ready to get wet.

Don’t Waste Water with Your Garden and Lawn

Kids playing with sprinklersBe on the lookout for leaks in your irrigation system and your hose bibs. Get them fixed. Use an adjustable sprinkler to better regulate flow and distribution of water.

Make sure sprinklers are pointed at the lawn and the garden, not at your roof or driveway. Take your car to a car wash that uses recycled water, rather than washing it at home.

Only water at dusk or early morning to reduce evaporation. Mulch your garden. The extra moisture will mean less water is required. Install a rain barrel to help with lawn watering needs- naturally.


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