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Low-Flow Toilets and Dual Flush Toilets: 3 Top Benefits

Low-Flow Toilets and Dual Flush Toilets: 3 Top Benefits

During a bathroom renovation, one of the biggest changes a homeowner can make is replacing the Flushing Toilet toilet. Today, dual flush and low-flow toilets are the standards for modern bathrooms. In addition to being energy-efficient and reliable, there are numerous significant benefits to using a dual-flush or low-flow unit. Here are the top-three benefits:

Benefit 1: Low-Flow Toilets are Energy-Efficient and Economical

Probably the largest and most important benefit to using a low-flow toilet is the water conservation and savings. Low-flow toilets use 50% less water than traditional toilets. This results in savings on your water bill and improved water conservation throughout your home. Although it may look strange at first to see half the regular amount of water in the toilet, a low-flow unit actually works more efficiently than traditional units.

Benefit 2: Dual Flush Toilets Give Homeowners More Options

A dual flush toilet is a type of low-flow unit that gives homeowners two options when they flush. On the side or top of the tank, there are two buttons that represent a half flush and full flush. Individuals can choose which flush works best at the appropriate time. If low-flow toilets are better than traditional toilets, a dual flush toilet is the gold standard in water conservation.

By giving homeowners the chance to choose a half flush, they get more chances to save water and save more money on their water bills.

Benefit 3: Rebates Provide Additional Savings Toilet with money in it

With the need for water conserving appliances at an all-time high, low-flow and dual flush toilets are gaining popularity. Manufacturers offer significant incentives to help homeowners easily access energy-efficient toilets. Since 1992, the government has mandated that new toilets manufactured in the US consist of low-flow units exclusively.

If your toilet was built before 1992, chances are, it’s not up to the current standards that modern toilets are held to. Toilets that are over 25 years old should be replaced right away with a newer low-flow model. Most manufacturers offer significant rebates when homeowners purchase a low-flow or dual flush toilet. Before buying a new toilet, ask about the rebate options to take advantage of significant savings.

At 24-7 Plumbing and Drain, we work with Murrieta, CA homeowners to provide quality recommendations designed to improve your home efficiency and save you money. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation or are looking to replace your outdated toilet with a new dual flush or low-flow unit, call (951) 338-9844 today.


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