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Discover How Superhero Plumbers Bring Safe Water for All

Discover How Superhero Plumbers Bring Safe Water for All

Superheroes don’t just fight crime; they help to provide some of life’s essentials and keep you safe in all kinds of ways. When you think about it, plumbers are superheroes because they help to deliver clean water to your home.

Here is a just a small sample of what work your superhero plumber does behind the scenes.

How Plumbers Make Your Water SafeCheers

You may assume that the water entering your home is safe to drink, but it can often be contaminated. And did you know that your plumbing could actually be what is putting the contaminants in the water?

If you’ve got small children, they are more vulnerable, so what your pipes are made of is a major concern.

In the last few decades, piping has largely switched to PVC because it is more durable and it also doesn’t contaminate your water. If you aren’t sure what your pipes are made of, it is advisable to have them inspected by a certified plumber, just to be safe.

Health Issues Due to Unclean WaterWoman with stomach pain

While for the most part the water that you are drinking in Temecula, CA is safe, there are times that water can get contaminated at the source, bringing disease into your home.

The most common side effects of drinking contaminated water are gastrointestinal illnesses. For more serious cases, you can suffer reproductive problems and/or neurological disorders.

Some of the most common illnesses that come from contaminated water are Hepatitis A, salmonella, E.coli and the norovirus.

Ways to Assist with Water ConservationSave Water

Plumbers are superheroes because there is a global water crisis. It is essential that we do our part to make sure that we aren’t wasting water.

A plumbing leak can waste a substantial amount of water in your home. Those drops of water add up to a lot.

You can be proactive and help plumbers (and the water conservation movement) by being vigilant for plumbing leaks and attending to them as soon as you suspect that there is a problem.

Some common signs of a leak are pooling water, mold growth, the sound of rushing water through the walls, even when faucets are switched off, an unexpected rise in your water bills and low water pressure.


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