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If Saving Money is Your New Year's Resolution, Start with These Water Bill Tips

If Saving Money is Your New Year's Resolution, Start with These Water Bill Tips

A common New Year’s Resolution is to get fit. While you are trying to improve your physical fitness, Shower faucetwhy not tackle your financial fitness too.

A great way to start is by trying to reduce your homeowner bills in Temecula, CA. Reducing your water use will go a long way to save you money. Here are some easy and effective tips to try.

Give up the Bath for a Shower

Taking a bath consumes significantly more water than taking a shower. If you’ve got little ones and they need to have baths rather than showers, don’t fill the tub too full.

You’ll waste water otherwise. You can reduce your water use even more by shortening your shower (think 10 minutes or less).

Set a timer when you get in and don’t wait too long for the water to heat up. For extra conservation, install a low flow showerhead.

Use the CarwashCar Wash

Usually DIY can save you money, but when it comes to washing your car, you are better off to take your car to a commercial car wash.

It’s even better to reduce your water footprint if you can find a car wash that uses recycled water.

If you do wash your car at home, turn the hose off when you aren’t actually using it, rather than letting the water run down the driveway.

Use Greywater for Plants


Do you have a rain barrel? That’s a great way to capture water naturally to use on your plants.

Another trick is to reserve you greywater cooking liquid and place in a spray bottle. Get in the habit of putting a bucket in your shower to collect water while you are waiting for your water to heat up prior to your shower.

Tend to Plumbing Leaks

You’d be shocked to realize that a tiny plumbing leak can add up so some serious water loss over time.Plumbing Leak

That’s why you can never ignore even the smallest of plumbing leaks. All those drops of water are waster, which just jacks your water bills up.

To combat this, get in the habit of inspecting your plumbing on a regular basis. Some leaks you’ll be able spot easily if you see pooling water etc.

Other more subtle signs include rising water bills, low water pressure and mold growth. Taking steps to conserve water not only helps to reduce your water bill, it is good for the environment as well. Really, it is a win-win.


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