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Why Install a Garbage Disposal

Why Install a Garbage Disposal

You may be wondering, do I really need a garbage disposal? The answer is yes. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping your drains in the kitchen clean or with nasty smells caused by lingering garbage odors, then you need to learn about the benefits of garbage disposal.

They are quick and inexpensive to install (most plumbers can get the job done in an hour or a little more). They are quiet and can significantly reduce the amount of trash that goes out into landfills. All in all, garbage disposals are a smart move. Here are some other reasons why you might want one in your Temecula, CA home.

Eliminate OdorsSmelling Food

What’s that smell coming from your kitchen? Is it the garbage? While scented garbage bags may mask the smell a little, it won’t eliminate it in the same way that a garbage disposal will.

Similarly, when food matter falls into the drains (and it is really hard to fully prevent this from happening), it will gather in the pipes. It will decompose and cause a nasty odor.

A garbage disposal will grind up organic garbage that will decompose and flush it away, out of your kitchen. It isn’t around for long enough to create smells. Be sure to flush it often with lots of hot water.

No Clog Problems

PipeWe are all guilty of dumping food scraps and grease down our kitchen sinks, even if it is by accident. The problem is, even though this matter is out of sight, it is still causing problems in your drains and in your pipes. You may suffer some really troublesome clogs as a result. The only way to remove these is to call in your plunger.

If the problem is mild, he may be able to get the clog gone with a plunger or a plumbing snake. If it is a little more serious, you may need a full hydrojetting. Wouldn’t it be so much easier just to avoid getting clogs at all? You can do that simply by getting a garbage disposal installed? It’s time to start getting all the benefits that you deserve.

Help With Washing DishesMother and Sons Washing Dishes

Before you wash your dishes, you need them to be rinsed clean, right? That can be a problem, logistically as you move back and forth between your sink and the trash can. You are probably creating a mess on the floor and the counter too.

If you can scrape and rinse right there into the garbage disposal, wouldn’t that make more sense? Although nearly all of your food scraps can go down the garbage disposal.

However, don’t let things like eggshells, shrimp tales, peapods and other items that are hard or fibrous go down the disposal. It can break the blades.


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