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Are Your Home and Yard Ready for Spring? Don't Forget These Plumbing Tips

Are Your Home and Yard Ready for Spring? Don't Forget These Plumbing Tips

There is nothing as invigorating as spring cleaning, where you throw open the windows and shake out the dust of the winter. You should use the same zealous approach to all of your home maintenance tasks, in particular, your plumbing system.

After the winter, it is a good time to give your outdoor plumbing the once-over so that you can proactively find leaks before they have a chance to cause you major problems. Get your spring off to a great start in Temecula, CA. Here is how to tend to your outdoor plumbing.

Check Your HosesHoses

Did you use your hoses very much over the winter? Over time they crack and break, so get in the habit of carefully inspecting them before you move into prime watering season.

A great deal of water is wasting out of a crack in your hose. especially if you're not taking proper care of it, heighten its chances of breaking when needed the most.

So while you check that out, take a look at hose nozzles too, and make sure that they aren’t warped or broken.

Outdoor FaucetInspect Your Outdoor Faucets

Hopefully, you are doing a regular inspection of your home, plumbing fixtures, and pipes. You should do the same outside.

Check out each outdoor faucet, looking for signs of pooling water, drips or rust. Ensure that they switch on and off easily.

Take some time to look at surrounding piping for signs of water damage and leaks as well.

Make Sure the Sprinkler System is Ready to goSprinkler

Your irrigation system probably got a break over the winter, so now is the time to make sure that it is in tip-top shape and ready to go for the coming season.

Start by looking for signs of leaks, which include sunken patches on your lawn. Inspect nozzles to make sure that they are clear of debris and soil. If any are cracked or broken off, get them repaired right away.

Double check that the valves are in good working order because the valves have the important job of regulating the water flow to keep your lawn and garden properly hydrated. There should be no water inside of the valve boxes. Ensure the timers are set properly, as is the time and date. Replace back up batteries (which you should do every 6-8 months).

Clean Your Gutters

GuttersThe chances are that you experienced at least a few solid winter storms with high winds over the last season. That means that your gutters are probably full of leaves.

This impedes water drainage and can cause significant leaks. Clean your gutters out with a broom (not a hose, which wastes water).

The more you take care your plumbing, the more money you will save. It’s that simple!


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