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Don’t Remodel Without a Permit

Your plumbing is a complex system. Every pipe, gauge, nut, and bolt has its place. If you decide to take on the task of renovating where plumbing is present, you need to be sure to acquire a permit.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are jobs that must be done with precision, to avoid safety issues not just for you, but for any future homeowners as well. Find out why a permit is so necessary before you begin your bathroom or kitchen remodeling adventure.

Even Licensed Professionals Need Permits

“noprofessional”You might think permits are just for the regular folks who are attempting a DIY kitchen remodeling job. Well, think again. Even licensed professionals need permits before they enter a home to perform work. Ask any plumber in Temecula, CA, and they will agree.

Plumbing work requires a permit. A licensed, professional plumber would not agree to complete work without approval from the city via a building permit. If a professional would not complete a bathroom remodeling venture without a permit, neither should you.

You Could Pay in Fines

“penaltyfine”A building inspector could be driving by your house, or a nosey neighbor may call the city on you. There are many ways you can get caught empty-handed in the middle of your renovation. This small, easy to get piece of paper will end up costing three times the amount if acquired after your bathroom remodeling has started.

Depending on the city, you can end up paying a fine for no permit, a late fee for permit application, and then the actual fee for the permit itself on top of that. Now your kitchen remodeling permit cost has tripled. Save the hassle and obtain the permit before you start.

Safety Standards Must Be Met

“safetystandards”There certainly is a larger purpose to getting building permits. Think about this from a potential buyer’s standpoint. If you are looking to purchase a previously owned home, you are going to make sure everything is working properly before moving in.

Would you trust that the stranger who lived there before you performed that kitchen remodeling endeavor without a hitch? With no experience or knowledge? Doubt it, and that is why permits are so important. No work is approved without being overseen by a professional who knows what they are looking at.

Trust in the process and get a permit! It may seem tedious and costly, but at the end of the day, you are saving not just money, but time on your home renovation by obtaining a permit. If you are unsure about what type of permit to get, or when you will need one, you can always contact the city or a local licensed plumber to get more details.