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How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency


Temecula PlumberA plumbing emergency can happen any time, day or night. It will help to preserve your home if you prepare for the worse and have a few steps in mind of what actions to take in case of an unforeseen event. The following are a few steps that you can remember as well as teach other members of your family in preparation for any potential emergency.

1. Cut off the water supply: In case of a leak or uncontrolled running water, cut off the local and if need be, the main water supply. The first thing you should do when you move into a new home or apartment is to locate the water cuter off switch and mark it. This way you do not have to worry about fumbling around with a water valve in case of a major leak or overflow.

2. Check for the leak: Do a quick inspection regarding where the leak is coming from. You may have a leak from more than one source. Additionally, you may have a leak from a pipe that you do not have access to. This information is helpful before you call for help or attempt a repair yourself.

3. Call a professional: The best way to make a plumbing incident into a plumbing emergency is to try to fix the problem yourself. Unless you have extensive plumbing engineering training and the tools to complete the work, call a professional. It would help to have a plumber on speed dial that you know will make emergency calls.

4. Limit water damage: If you have completed the initial steps stated above, you should next begin to limit water damage to your home. If there are leaks were water is draining you should move furniture, roll up carpets and place buckets down to capture as much water as possible.

5. Check with your insurance company: Does your homeowner policy protect against flood damage? If so you may be able to cover any plumbing bills through your insurance policy.

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