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It's estimated that about 85 percent of homes suffer from hard water problems. This untreated water won't kill you, but the excess minerals floating around in it can significantly affect your appliances, fixtures, clothing, glassware, and even your skin and hair. A professionally installed water softener dilutes the mineral content of your current supply, which can end up saving you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

Some of the benefits of water softeners include:

  • Easier cleaning: Save time by getting your dishes cleaned much faster. If you've ever noticed spots on your dishes after they've dried, you likely have hard water. Water softeners allow soap to dissolve more easily, so when you clean the dishes or wash your hair, there is no flaky residue. Your dishes, hair, and anything you rinse with water will look and feel cleaner!
  • Extended appliance life: Untreated hard water can affect the quality of your appliances and fixtures, causing them to break down quickly; this happens because the minerals in the water will degrade your units’ efficiency over time.
  • Faster water heating: Minerals from hard water impede the performance of your water heater, making your unit work much harder. A water softener will improve your unit’s efficiency by more than 25 percent; this results in lower bills and less strain on your heating unit.
  • Cleaner plumbing systems: Hard water leaves a scaly soap residue in your plumbing system. Eventually, this residue will build up to the point where it can cause clogs and corrosion.
  • Improved Water Taste: Water with several minerals floating around in it tends to taste heavy and metallic. A water softener works to remove these minerals, giving you much better-tasting water.

When you combine softened water with a whole-house filtration system, you don't have to waste your efforts on bottled water from the store; you'll have access to great tasting water directly from your kitchen faucet.

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If you're like 85 percent of homeowners in the United States, you can benefit from installing a water softener. Contact our Murrieta plumbers today at (951) 338-9844 to get started on installing your new unit.

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