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Expert Water Heater Tips to Keep Your Unit Working Saratoga Springs, UT

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Ever wonder what the pros do to keep their water heaters working efficiently and safely? A typical water heater lasts about 10-15 years in a home and in that time, it’s normal to experience repairs and require professional maintenance.

But there are several things you can do to keep your water heater working more efficiently and improve the overall longevity of the unit.

Read on to find out what our experts do to keep their water heaters in tip top shape.

Never Settle for Manufacturers Settings

When your new water heater comes from the factory, it’s usually set to operate at 140 degrees. For most families, this is more than enough. A water heater set at 140 degrees will cost more to operate and runs the risk of scalding you or someone in your family.

By immediately setting the water heater to a lower temperature, we recommend 120 degrees; you are automatically saving money, putting less strain on your water heater and protecting your family from scalding accidents.

Another reason to keep your water heater at a lower temperature is to prevent sediment. If your water has minerals in it such as calcium, the heat from the water heater may cause the calcium to precipitate and sink to the bottom of your tank. This causes numerous issues with the system. Lower temperatures will reduce the amount of sediment in the tank.

Clean the Tank at Least Once Per Year

Professional plumbers will tell you all the numerous benefits of investing in maintenance and inspections for your plumbing appliances. One of the most beneficial maintenance tasks to take on is an annual water tank cleaning. Throughout the year, calcium carbonate sediment sinks and settles on the bottom of your water heater.

This sediment causes numerous issues such as corrosion, blockages and more. By emptying and cleaning the tank at least once per year, you get peace of mind that your tank is in good condition and free of dangerous sediment. It’s also a good opportunity to check for damage to the tank and make sure everything else is working as it should.

Save Money with Tank Insulation

Experts know all the ins and outs of saving money on plumbing. A great trick to save on energy costs and reduce the stress on your water heater is a tank insulator.

These pre-cut jackets sell for about $20 at most hardware stores and help insulate the water tank keeping the water warmer for longer. This means less energy is needed to operate your water heater and in turn, you will see significant savings on your energy bills.

By implementing these three pro tips, you will save money on water heating costs, reduce the stress, wear and tear on your water heater and improve the longevity of the system. When it comes to preventing water heater problems, why not do as the experts do?

When you need professional advice and service for your water heater, call 24-7 Plumbing and Drain servicing the Saratoga Springs, UT area at 385-287-5920.

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