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Water Leak Detection Services Saratoga Springs, UT

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

One of the most threatening home problems is a hidden leak. Leaks of all sizes can wreak havoc within your home before you even realize they’re there. The damage isn’t always immediate or catastrophic, but it has a tendency to create long term damage. Our customers who have experienced hidden leaks in the past tend to ask us questions about how they can recognize the signs or how to prevent it from recurring. Below you will find our responses to these questions.

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What Causes Hidden Water Leaks?

Unfortunately, there are several factors that can cause water leaks. The most common cause is a clog. Even minor clogs build pressure in your pipes. Over time, this can cause your pipes to begin leaking even if water seems to be draining normally.

Leaks can also be caused by individual events. A sudden change of weather putting stress on your pipes is a common culprit, if you haven’t had them winterized properly. Age can also cause your pipes to degrade over time. Older pipes are particularly vulnerable to leaks, as they are made of inferior materials that have since been replaced with newer, more reliable material.

How Do We Find These Leaks?

Our team has the latest tools to detect hidden leaks. The only outwardly visible sign of a leak isn’t anywhere near the genuine leak, as the water will have flowed from the leak to the visible damage.

As a result, we use electrical charges to detect leaks, with instruments that pass electricity through your pipes. Changes in resistance are used to ascertain the true location of the leak, letting us know where to actually repair the problem.

What Can You Do to Prevent Further Problems?

Avoiding leaks is a long-term effort. The first thing you can do is have your pipes properly cleaned for leaks. Store-bought chemicals won’t cut it most of the time, but professional drain cleaning on a regular basis will keep the pressure in your pipes at a safe level. We can assess your pipes and water supply to help you judge how often you’ll want to do this.

Upgrading and replacing lengths of piping may be a good idea if you have an older home. Old pipes are much more prone to problems, especially when they are made of obsolete materials. We will help you assess whether or not this is necessary, and what it will take to replace your pipes.

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What Are the Dangers of Leaking Pipes?

Leaking pipes can allow water to enter the wrong parts of your home. A leaking pipe in the walls cause water to seep into your drywall, support beams, and foundation; this weakens them over time.

Some leaks can also threaten the electrical systems in your home. Severe leaking can flood your entire floor. Water is not harmless when it isn’t kept in the pipes, where it belongs. Keeping your pipes in good shape throughout the seasons is an absolute necessity to protect the value of your home.

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