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Sewer line problems can be one of the most difficult residential plumbing troubles to recognize and correct. The lines that carry sewage away from a home are invisible and may be buried several feet below the ground surface, but a problem with a sewer line will eventually become readily apparent if not addressed by a plumbing professional.

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What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

Sewer lines experience several problems, all of which depend on the surrounding area of the home. For homes here in California, the vegetation around the house may be the biggest threat.

Tree roots will penetrate even the smallest cracks and seams in an otherwise intact sewer line in search of the nutrient-rich wastewater flowing through the pipe. Once a root finds an opening, it will continue to grow, causing the hole to expand. Roots may eventually fill the entire pipe to the point that the flow of water is prevented, or the pipe may break apart and crumble.

Other common sewer line problems are:

  • Shifting and separating due to settling soil or earthquakes
  • Blockage caused by internal obstructions
  • Wear and tear due to age

What Are Some Signs That Your Line Needs to Be Repaired?

Repeated backups or slow draining of wastewater are two signs that a sewer line is in need of cleaning, repair, relining or replacement. Bubbling sounds from plumbing fixtures and drains are another warning sign.

Yet another indication of possible trouble is simply the age of the lines. As piping ages, it becomes more prone to problems like crushing, penetration by tree roots and settling. This is especially true if a home’s sewer lines have not been properly maintained over the years.

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How Can You Prevent Problems in the Future?

A homeowner can take many steps to prevent sewer line problems. One important way to stay on top of the situation is to be proactive with lawn maintenance. Learn where your sewer lines are located, and remove all trees and other deep-rooted plants in the vicinity of the lines. Keep heavy equipment from driving directly over sewer lines to prevent crushing, and flush lines periodically by filling and draining a large sink or bathtub.

Grease and items other than toilet paper should never be flushed down toilets or disposed in household drains. Regular maintenance performed by a professional plumber also helps keep sewer lines flowing smoothly. One of our friendly and professional plumber can help you determine the age of your sewer pipes, whether they are blocked or if they would benefit from relining or replacement.

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