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What Are Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks are usually copper lines that were installed under your foundation and being to leak under the slab foundation.

Slab leaks are not problems that can be postponed until another date. Water damage is expensive to recover from, especially if mold is present in the area. Our professional detection and repair services ensures minimal damage to your home. We will get the leak under control as efficiently as possible. Residents around Temecula, Murrieta, and surrounding areas rely on 24-7 Plumbing And Drain for fast response times to their most urgent plumbing problems.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

This issue is caused by several different factors, including poor installation of pipes or corrosion.

Carelessness and lack of skill in the installation of new water pipes can leave defects that may gradually wear down into a hole. Contact with rocks or pressure from soil movement can also cause leaking. Soil containing high levels of chloride or sulfite can also cause deterioration in the copper as well.

What Are Some Signs That You May Have This Problem?

Water present in the flooring is the most obvious way to tell that there is a leak under the slab. The sound of water running when it is not turned on is another clear sign.

Unfortunately, there are other less apparent signs, making it difficult to detect a problem in some cases. Contact us for an inspection and repair if you notice hotspots on the floor, a low supply of hot water, or a moldy smell in carpeted areas.

Noticing changes in your water bill? Seeing it increase unexpectedly? This is another sign that you may have a slab leak. If the water meter outside indicates usage even when the water tap is turned off, there could be a leak.

Where Does The Problem Originate?

The water lines underneath restrooms, sinks, laundry rooms, and near the sewer line are the most common areas for slab leaks to form.

Any pipe running water into the home has the potential to break, detach, or develop a hole at some point. Homeowners with a basement may find water settling in the lowest areas.

Improperly installed pipes can also burst. Those with faulty joints will easily wear down. Thin spots and breaks are more likely to occur over time, especially if there is a shift in the ground or a change in the water filtration system.

A burst can happen in the most common leak areas, but we will perform a thorough inspection to detect this problem and determine the most effective solution.

What Should You Do?

If you notice any of these issues, or believe you might have a slab leak, call us today for immediate service. We will send an experienced technicians and go over the options that would work best for you.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today.


Slab Leak Location & Repair

Using our state of the art equipment, we were able to find the leak, which pipe was leaking and how to repair with very minimal damage to the home. If you suspect you might have a leak, give us a call today at 951-428-1565







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