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What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

There are many regulations regarding the manufacturing of water heaters, but for the Temecula homeowner, the most important regulations are those that apply to installation. There are differences between what applies to a gas water heater and an electric water heater.

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The following are the most common regulations that apply to the installation of a gas water heater. Keep in mind that it is not recommended that you install your own water heater, but the following information will give you a glimpse of three of the main regulations.


A gas heater must have proper ventilation to remove all traces of carbon monoxide, an odorless and deadly gas. The regulations for your area will generally specify a diameter for the ventilation shaft.

In addition, the code will always specify that the vent go up and out of the room that the heater is being installed in. This regulation is to prevent poisonous fumes from being trapped inside the house and killing the residents of a Temecula home.

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves

Although there are specifications regarding the manufacturing of these valves, they must work after a new water heater has been installed. This valve is designed to relieve pressure, often due to temperature rise, by venting the excess pressure.

This brings down the pressure to safe levels. If this valve is not working properly, your water heater could explode. Regulations require that this valve is always operating properly.

Earthquake Straps

This type of regulation is likely to exist in states where earthquakes are common, but there may be regulations in areas where they are less common. Basically, these are metal straps that wrap around the tank, and then are anchored to the wall.

Regulations often specify the dimensions of the strap, and how it is connected to the wall. These codes are meant to protect people from the danger of a disconnected water heater. Examples of this danger include fire, carbon monoxide and an explosion.

Installing your own water heater can become a complex operation, and a big part of that is in knowing the regulations for your residential area. It is best to avoid doing this type of work yourself, or hiring an amateur to do the work, regardless of how much experience they claim to have.

A licensed professional can install your new water heater, and install it so it meets all codes and regulations. This will result in a water heater that passes any required inspection and one that will operate safely.

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